End of Year Celebration

Dear Spy Ninjas,

It has been a pleasure teaching you all this year.  I am very proud of all the hard work you’ve done and you should feel wonderful about all of your accomplishments.  Thank you for the great memories and lovely end to my time here at ISM.  You all have a special place in my heart.  May you continue to work hard, do your very best and believe in yourselves, as I have.  Best of luck to you all!

                                               With Love,

                                               Ms. Duprat

What is a Fraction?

What is a fraction

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(video taken from youtube)

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(video taken from youtube)

Today we discovered what a fraction is and began exploring this idea looking at shapes we’ve already been working with.  The children had fun proving Ms. Duprat wrong when she was trying to divide a cookie among 4 friends and she wasn’t making equal parts.  Today we learned that in order for a fraction to be a fraction, all the pieces must be the same size so that it is fair.  We will continue exploring fractions and making sense of them over the next week.

Creating Our Own Polygons

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This morning the children continued exploring polygons and their attributes.  They enjoyed listening to two songs that we watched on YouTube at the start of our working period.  Their task today was to create a polygon with more than 4 sides and draw it onto their geoboard paper.  Once they completed this part, they then had to describe their polygon using mathematical language.  It was exciting to see how the children were challenging themselves to make polygons with as many sides as they could make.  We went from the maximum sides of 14 all the way to a polygon that has 21 sides!  Below are some on the polygons that the children created.  Can you use some mathematical language to describe what you see?

create a polygon








Exploring Our Knowledge of 2-D Shapes

The Greedy Triangle


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(Video taken from YouTube)

Ms. Claire joined us last Friday for a read aloud that got us thinking about shapes we know and their attributes.  The children explored their prior knowledge of some shapes they already know and worked together to create a list of specific attributes about the different shapes.  The enjoy hearing the story, The Greedy Triangle, where they made predictions about what was going to happen next in the story, as well as explored their knowledge of synonyms for different adjectives that were used throughout the story.  Above you will find the children’s brainstorm of shapes they are familiar with, along with their specific attributes.  It was impressive to see new vocabulary that we’ve begun to explore already being used during this activity.  Below you will find photos of the children working in pairs to play, “Guess My Shape”.  During this game, the children used different sentence starters to help give clues to their partner about the shape they were referring to.  We will continue to explore 2-D and -3-D shapes in the coming weeks.

IMG_2919 IMG_2920 IMG_2921 IMG_2923 IMG_2925 IMG_2928 IMG_2929

Parent Literature Shares

IMG_2907 IMG_2913

IMG_2915 IMG_2916

This week we had some parent volunteers join us to share a piece of literature that represented their culture/heritage.  The children enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the different shares, make connections and further develop wonderings about what was being shared and their understanding of literature.   At home over the weekend, look around your home to see if you have any pieces of literature that represents your family’s culture/heritage.  The children are welcome to being in their findings and talk about them with the class in the coming weeks.  A big thank you to Ms. Angela, Ms. Grace, Ms. Akiko and Ms. Cathy who were able to join us this morning.

What Do You See?

how many squares

We had an exhilarating learning time this afternoon as we explored the image above.  The children were engaged and eager to share their ideas of what they saw.  After we brainstormed what they saw and all agreeing they saw squares,  the children then went off to work in pairs to see if they could come up with how many squares they saw.  After some working time, we then came together as a class to share the results.  By the end of our share, the group came up with three possible answers for the total number of squares.  Before you watch the video below, can you determine how many squares you see?  Add your answer to comments below for us to see!

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(video taken from youtube)

Tuning In: What is Geometry?

What does Geometry Mean

This week we launched our new math unit ‘Geometry?  To find out what the children already know we complied a splash of ideas that come to their minds when they hear or think of the word geometry.  Above you will find the Spy Ninja’s ideas.  Followed by this discussion and share time, the children then had a chance to rotate around the room and respond to sentence starters related to geometry.  The children then chose one to become an “expert on” and share the children’s ideas with the class as a whole.





Below are images of the children sharing their ideas to the large group.

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